I DON’T SHINE, I have something to say | Venice Design Week 2023

In the wide panorama of contemporary art, jewelry has established itself as a surprising and powerful medium, capable of conveying deep and intimate reflections on the world around us. In particular, contemporary jewelry has taken on the role of an instrument of social denunciation, an art form that is not only ornamental, but also acts as an amplifier of the challenges and injustices of contemporary society.
In the context of Venice Design Week 2023, the Cultural Association Arte Design Venezia presents I DON’T SHINE, I have something to say, the international exhibition of contemporary jewelry that, through the works on display, aims to inspire change and action in the minds of those who observe them. Through the use of innovative materials, the experimentation of unusual forms and the adoption of unconventional techniques, the selected artists have created ornaments that are real vehicles of expression that invite reflection.
The entire exhibition encompasses a wide range of social themes and self-awareness. From attention to waste to personal rebirth, from the ode to beauty to environmental sustainability, each piece becomes a silent manifesto of universal sensations and urges.
We also hope that this exhibition will sensitize the observer to reach and appreciate the contemporary jewel. Although this form of expression is not always easy to understand, it continues to have a significant impact in the world of art and jewelry, helping to expand perspectives on creativity and communication through this medium.
The selected artist’s jewels are housed in a prestigious location, a real treasure chest: the ancient Palazzo Nani Mocenigo now home to the Hotel Nani Mocenigo, a few steps from Le Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. The triumph of Venetian history welcomes the contemporary in an ever new dialogue, without ever betraying history and tradition.
The event will be held from September 30th to October 30th 2023, in the wider context of Venice Design Week.
I DON’T SHINE, I have something to say 2023
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